Re: USCCA Firearms Classes

Dear Responsible American,

Thank you for your inquiry into USCCA firearms classes which include instruction in Basic Pistol,  
Concealed Carry Instruction and/or Home Defense Certification, Handling the Mass Shooter Effect,
Basic First Aid, Vehicle Firearms Tactics, etc.  Both for Delaware and Maryland (HQL and Wear & Carry)

BASIC PISTOL—this course is for those persons who are new to firearms, (have no previous
experience),  maybe have only handled a firearm once or twice, have not handled a firearm in quite awhile. Or want a refresher
course.   (ONE DAY - 8 hr. COURSE)

The Basic Pistol course consists of 3-4 hrs of classroom instruction, where you will learn self defense
firearms basics, firearms handling, storage, child safety and shooting fundamentals, understanding   
modern  Firearms and more. 1-2 hrs of Dry fire laser training then1-2 hrs of Live fire at the range.  
Upon Finishing the course, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.
Course Fee:  $150  ($75 deposit to hold spot, balance due upon arrival)
There is a separate Range Fee of $15.00 p/day per person in cash, which will be paid to the Range and covers each days range
time. (if more than one day is required.

The USCCA Carry Concealed Course meets and/or exceeds the requirements set forth by the Delaware Criminal Code 11 Del. C.
Title 11, §1441 (a) (3) and the requirements for Maryland's HQL License and the Maryland Wear and Carry Certification

(The basic pistol course or sufficient prior (demonstratable) experience with firearms is a pre-requisite for this course)

The CCDW course consists of 4 hrs of classroom instruction each day, where you will cover all the Basics of firearms ownership,
Safety factors and rules, laws pertaining to the use of Deadly Force, Types of weapons, rules of engagement, Delaware and
Maryland State laws pertaining to firearms and more.  1-2 hrs of Laser Dry Fire, and 1-2 hrs of Live Fire instruction at the range  
each day.

This course exceeds the requirements set forth by Delaware and Maryland to obtain your license to carry a
Concealed deadly weapon.  Delaware  CCDW, Maryland Wear and Carry
Course Fee:  $200 ($100 deposit to hold spot, balance due 1 week prior to arrival)
There is a separate Live Range fee of $10 p/day per person paid in cash.  
A WRITTEN EXAM  will be given at the end of the CCDW course.  CCDW Course Completion students will receive Feedback on
their live fire qualifications and a Certificate of Completion, suitable to be presented to the State of Delaware for their CCDW
License, as well as the Delaware CCDW Application and process.  

The next BKKDS/USCCA Delaware Carry Concealed Class will take place on
December 12 & 13, 2020
From 9 am - 5 pm each day.  Must be on time!  All Classes offered on Saturdays and Sundays.  Special Classes may be offered on
Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays  under special circumstances only, and must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance,
minimum of 3 persons.

NO Live ammunition allowed in the classroom,  All bags will be checked upon arrival, Keep your firearms in a locked case and
unloaded magazines and ammunition in a separate area when traveling.  All firearms and bags will be held in a secure area before
being utilized.

To Schedule a  USCCA Basic Pistol , Delaware Carry Concealed Course, Maryland HQL or MD Wear and Carry course and/or
USCCA Home Defense Course, please contact BKK Firearms/BKK Defensive Systems at info below to get on a list.   

Other courses to be offered:   Women’s Only Courses,  Handling the Mass Shooter Threat,  Basic First Aid/CPR, Vehicle Firearms
Tactics, Active Shooter Experience, etc.   There may be  1/2 day classes during the week by special arrangement ONLY,
depending on circumstances.   

For class cirriculum, requirements, items needed, cancellation policy, and all info pertaining to the course, please contact Mr. Smith
, USCCA Certified Instructor at: 443-366-6277 or email:  

Also, there will be a USCCA Basic Pistol 1 day course,  
Next CCDW Classes,  -December 12, 13, 2020,   January 9&10, 2021
January 23,24, 2021,  February 13 & 14, 2021, Mary 13 & 14, 2021